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Home Cinema

We are a full comprehensive Audio Visual retail store.
We supply all major items e.g. Speakers, Amplifiers, Projectors
etc. for your home and offices. We also specialize
in Home Automation, Cinema design and installations .

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Home Cinema
Have you ever dreamed of having your own Theatre, or had a theatre before and never used it due to lack of design and practicality? With our expertise in interior design and architecture, acoustical engineering, carpenting, and automation, there is no dream we can’t make a reality with a system so good, you won’t want to leave. The Cinema is probably one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s a place to settle down and relax after a long day’s work whilst listening to some good music, experiencing your favorite artist come to life, not just visually but audibly.
Watching a movie with friends and family, enjoying lifelike interactions, all in your own comfort. We don`t just sell products or services, we sell experiences. If you can`t feel it, it`s not worth the effort. We will make you feel and experience the artist or movie as if they are visiting your personal cinema. We can design your dream theatre and combine amplifiers, speakers, projectors, and screens to ensure your system is a match made in heaven. We apply acoustical engineering principles to minimize acoustic interference from the room and to ensure the sound’s fidelity is retained. The Acoustic engineers will provide all the necessary material and shapes to account for all the loose frequencies in the room, insuring the system sounds like it was intended without the acoustic interference from the room.
This Video Distribution technology is still relatively new and unknown to the general public and is advancing at the speed of light. Like Audio Distribution this has even more advantages and possibilities.
Imagine only having one Bluray player, Satellite TV Decoder and Video Streamer, but have the ability to watch them all at once in any room playing full HD/4K. Have different sources playing in any room at the same time. This is called Video Matrix and is a very powerful tool. The Video HDMI is sent to other rooms via a network cable (Cat5/6 up to 100m) giving the user the possibility to put their electronics anywhere in the house and still have full HDMI distribution. Imagine a clean wall with just an on-wall TV with in-ceiling speakers for audio. This clears up the living room, elevates the aesthetics and creates more space in the room.

Our specialist can design a system to suit your needs and lifestyle.

What does your dream cinema look like? Does it have wide open spaces, cozy seating and a big screen?
Does that image include bulky electronics with wires everywhere and huge speakers taking up floor space? Unfortunately those are things that had to be accounted for in the past, but not anymore. Working together with your Architect, we help you design a home cinema with all the benefits of a modern look and modern electronics, without the clutter. We have a design team that will work hand in hand with you and your architect to make your home cinema a dream come true. We will help implement our knowledge into having a practical and proper functioning system after completion.
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