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Home Automation

We are a full comprehensive Audio Visual retail store.
We supply all major items e.g. Speakers, Amplifiers, Projectors
etc. for your home and offices. We also specialize
in Home Automation, Cinema design and installations .

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Home Automation
People misunderstand Home Automation, mostly because it is wrongly advertised. Very few clients really know what it`s used for exactly and what it does. Home Automation is not a machine that could one day devour you and your family if you press the wrong button. It can be thought of as home integration, giving all your electronics the ability to communicate to each other.
The Automation (integration) controller has drivers for almost all electrical appliances, giving it the ability to control them. Home Automation opens up a whole new world of possibilities that allow for you to have comfort, security and control like never before. Imagine that a single touch on your tablet could make the movie start, close your curtains and play the surround sound at the perfect volume. When the sun goes down, your porch light turns on. And the whole house locks at 11pm automatically. This is the power of home automation. You never have to worry about whether you closed the garage door again. Simply check from your Smartphone from anywhere in the world and relax.
Audio Distribution is a very wide term with endless possibilities. In order to create an understanding of this term, we will illustrate with some examples of how it can be used. Audio distribution allows for you to have all your equipment in a cupboard or rack in a centralized room, out of reach of the small ones, clearing up the living room and getting rid of all the cluttered cables.
The second scenario also allows to have opportunity to have all the sound from your, TV, Bluray or DSTV play from hidden speakers in the ceiling or wall, rather than using standard TV speakers. Audio Distribution allows you to enjoy your favorite music in one room while your kids are watching a movie in another, your partner listens to a cooking channel in the kitchen and your teenage girl sings along to her favorite pop star in her bedroom. With technology improving daily, so does our lifestyle. You can use streaming services and still enjoy your CD`s without having a house full of equipment. With distribution audio you only need one source to be able to play it through the whole house. No more need for a complete sound system in every room. Whether you want soft music in the background or bang your favorite tunes at a braai, we can design a system around your personal needs to match your lifestyle.
We also specialize in DSTV, all other forms of Satellite cable TV and streaming. Who can blame the builder or the architect when the right provision has not been made; they are not experts in this division, but we are. We can assist them in making sure the job has been done right
Have you ever tried going without your phone for a day? Networking is such a practical part of the house and thus needs the correct provision. We find that not enough thought is put into designing such a system, and therefore we assist our clients with this. IT has become a significant part of our offering, mainly because most of our products benefit from it. We design the network system around the client’s needs and not just the systems but also all the hardware that goes along with it. Our specialists have the knowledge to make this system function effortlessly. If you have a network problem, whether it is Internet, Wi-Fi or hard wire we will sort it out and have you connected in no time at all.
Imagine if we could listen to music on the same equipment that it was created on. That is how music was intended to be enjoyed won’t you say? Speakers and amplifiers were designed to reproduce the music in such a way as to trick your mind into believing the artist is really in front of you.
The mechanism that our brain uses to determine where sound comes from and how true the sound is, does not differ from one individual to another. We all interpret sound in the same way, thus anyone can hear and appreciate good music that is reproduced from a high quality system. AT DFC Audio Visual we have passion for what we do and execute our work with the utmost precision. Whether you want to play back your favorite vinyl or listen to your most beloved CD, we have the equipment to reproduce it in the way it was intended. Have our specialist come and set it up for optimal results.
Everyone wants to play his or her part in saving the world, and so do we. We are however making use of the most powerful tool in your home to do so. Using Home Automation as a green feature is very effective. You might have heard about home automation and how it can do anything. This is true! Save water by integrating your irrigation system. The Controller knows the weather conditions in your area and can control your Irrigation accordingly. If it is too hot, sprinkle later or if it rains, don`t spray at all.
Integrate your alarm system to your lights, and have the lights turn on as you walk into a room and turn off as you leave. No more leaving lights on. You can save electricity by dimming your lights to the level that the room actually needs. We have found this to save 40% electricity per room on average. With home automation, you are merely limited to your own imagination. We can make your dreams come true.
What does your dream home look like? Does it have wide open spaces, a cozy living room with a fire place or a fortress with only glass walls?
Does that image include bulky electronics on a TV stand with wires everywhere and huge speakers taking up floor space? Unfortunately those are things that had to be accounted for in the past, but not anymore. Working together with your Architect, we help you design a home with all the benefits of modern electronics, without the clutter. Now imagine a living room with unbelievable sound and only a TV on a wall, without cupboards, amplifiers, visible speakers and no wires! We have a design team that will work hand in hand with you and your architect to make your home a dream come true. We will help implement our knowledge into having a practical and proper functioning system after completion. We can incorporate all the various elements needed throughout the whole house and have it function as a whole. Let us handle your electronics, networking, automation, satellite TV and so much more. Have peace of mind with DFC Audio Visual.
This Video Distribution technology is still relatively new and unknown to the general public and is advancing at the speed of light. Like Audio Distribution this has even more advantages and possibilities.
Imagine only having one Bluray player, Satellite TV Decoder and Video Streamer, but have the ability to watch them all at once in any room playing full HD/4K. Have different sources playing in any room at the same time. This is called Video Matrix and is a very powerful tool. The Video HDMI is sent to other rooms via a network cable (Cat5/6 up to 100m) giving the user the possibility to put their electronics anywhere in the house and still have full HDMI distribution. Imagine a clean wall with just an on-wall TV with in-ceiling speakers for audio. This clears up the living room, elevates the aesthetics and creates more space in the room.

Our specialist can design a system to suit your needs and lifestyle.

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