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Digital Drive 12 Plus 12″ Subwoofer by Velodyne Acoustics (Each)

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The Digital Drive 12 Plus 12″ Subwoofer by Velodyne Acoustics is part of their premium flagship subwoofer series, Digital Drive Plus, and redefines performance by incorporating the latest in engineering breakthroughs. The Digital Drive Plus can automatically adjust the volume, crossover, slope, phase, and room equalization to integrate with your sound system.


  • Servo System: Patented accelerometer based High Gain Servo System
  • Massive Structure: Massive motor structure for amazing low-frequency energy
  • Special Cone Design: Sophisticated cone design for fast, accurate motion
  • PC Controllable: Use your PC for manual adjustments and real time feedback of your bass performance
  • Auto Equalizer: One-Touch Auto-EQPLUS automates the seamless blend of subwoofer, system and room
  • Control Integration: Industry leading control system integration options including IR input, Ethernet and RS-232
  • Low Distortion: The industry’s lowest distortion bass — under 0.5%
  • Custom Wound Coil: Six-layer, custom wound voice coil assures better heat dissipation
  • Massive Output: There is nothing quite like the awesome power of a DD+ with up to 115 dB – louder than a sonic boom
  • High-performance chassis with six-way, hand-wound voice coils.
  • Digital diaphragm control with 16,000 samples per second
  • High-precision automatic calibration with software connection for fine tuning
  • Powerful amplifiers with 1,250 watts RMS and 3,000 watts impulse power


  • Driver: 12″ forward firing
  • Amplifier Class D: 3000 watts dynamic – 1250 watts RMS power
  • Frequency Response: Overall – 10.2 – 300 Hz
  • Frequency Response: (± 3 dB) – 17.0 – 120 Hz
  • THD: < 0.5 % (typical)
  • High Pass Crossover: 80 or 100 Hz at 6 dB/octave
  • Low Pass Crossover: 40 Hz to 199 Hz (variable in 1 Hz increments) selectable slope
  • Default: 80 Hz @ 24 dB/Octave
  • Phase: 0 to 180 degrees (variable in 15 degree increments)
  • Polarity: Adjustable (+/-)
  • Magnet Structure: 16 kg
  • Voice Coil: Six-layer, 65 mm
  • Cone: Fiberglass Rohacell Laminate
  • Input LFE (Mono): Line level (RCA), Nominal Impedance 47K, Balanced (XLR), Nominal Impedance 10K
  • Input L&R: Line level (RCA & XLR)
  • Input Microphone: Balanced (Mini-XLR, cable included)
  • Input Speaker Level (L&R): Bare wire, banana plugs, or spade lugs
  • Output Thru (L&R): Line level (RCA & XLR)
  • Output (L&R), High-Pass (L&R): Line level (RCA & XLR)
  • Included Accessories: Full feature remote control, DD+ accessory kit and video cable
  • Finishes: Black gloss ebony, piano black
  • Dimensions (H/W/D) (includes feet and connectors): 40 x 37 x 46 cm
  • Shipping Weight (approx): 39 kg

Fast, accurate and elegant, the Digital Drive Plus series features Digital High-gain Servo control, that monitors and controls cone motion nearly 16,000 times per second, keeping distortion below 0.5%. The Energy Recovery System amplifier is over 95% efficient, dedicating nearly all of its power to bass reproduction with virtually no energy wasted as heat, adding to the sub’s long lifespan.

All subwoofer model of the Velodyne Acoustics Digital Drive Plus series have a huge 1250 Watts RMS, 3000 Watts Dynamic power amplifier. Its cutting-edge, highly sophisticated, 8-band Auto-EQ Plus technology assures not just low distortion but the most accurate bass available from any subwoofer available in the market today. With Auto-EQ Plus, it’s never been so easy to seamlessly blend your subwoofer’s performance with your system and your room. Quite simply, the Digital Drive Plus series subwoofers are the biggest, baddest, cleanest, hardest-hitting subwoofers in the world today.

They are capable of a staggering amount of output; at up to 115 dB maximum – it’s 5 dB louder than a sonic boom! Needless to say, they also get low—way, way low, with a frequency response between up to 14.4 and 120 Hz at 3 dB down. You can calibrate the subwoofer’s response automatically or manually with the 8 band parametric equalizer with on-screen graphics, or computer readout using the front mounted USB port. You can even adjust the degree of control by the digital servo.

The Digital Drive Plus series perfectly meshes audio engineering with the art of design with a huge 1250 Watts RMS, 3000 Watts Dynamic, power amplifier, reproducing even the most challenging audio for applications from music to home theatre to gaming. Unleash the authoritative power of the Digital Drive Plus subwoofers on your largest listening spaces and sink into the aural experience of over 99.5% accurate bass reproduction with unbelievable muscle, perfectly optimized by the 8-band Auto-EQPLUS equalizer feature and remote-controlled presets to ensure you get the most out of your new audio equipment.


Velodyne Acoustics


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Ebony Black Gloss, Piano Black


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