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We have all seen it. We have all taken recognition of it. And if you’re anything like me, you are wondering what does this mean?

In today’s world, we spend a huge amount of time listening to music digitally. Sitting at work? Apple music has got you covered during those silent hours. Driving somewhere? Forget about that old school radio and let Bluetooth do its job with the help of Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube Music. We are now living in an age where individualised music recommendations are readily available at the touch of your fingertips.

However, it seems that Apple and Dolby Atmos have partnered together to change the game of digital music once more. Introducing, in May 2021, the addition of Spatial Audio and, more recently, Lossless Audio across several platforms and graciously enough to include the ‘next generation of sound’ at no extra cost to their Apple Music platform. Not to mention that Apple has been kind enough to now include Android devices in their latest endeavour.

Now the big questions remain. What is Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio? How does it work and is there a big difference between the two? Well, no need to worry, folks, because the breakdown is coming to you in the simplest way possible. Amid all the technological jargon out there and having read countless articles, I have come to the realisation that Spatial Audio is meant to create a 3D sound effect as it virtualises the audio mix to surround you and evoke a more realistic sound. Lossless Audio intends to preserve every bit of the original audio file when it is uploaded to the digital music platform. In other words, it is meant to make you feel as if you are in the recording studio and rocking out right next to Freddie Mercury himself.

All in all, the intended purpose of Spatial Audio and Lossless audio is to make any piece of music you are listening to more enjoyable. Can I tell the difference? To be honest with you, yes and no. Spatial Audio, I will admit, does add a rounder and deeper sound to Snoh Aalegra’s already super mellow voice when I am driving on the way to work. Lossless Audio, for me, feels like nothing new or out of the ordinary. However, play a song on the amazing Klipsch speaker in the office and the difference is there. Instead of feeling like I am sitting next to my lovely co-worker, I feel like I am right next to Amy Winehouse while she was recording her Grammy award-winning ‘Back to Black’ album. It is important to note that the better the audio device you are listening to music through, the greater the difference will be heard. Nonetheless, my Samsung A72 does the job more than well enough.

Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio comes highly recommended if you are a melomaniac or audiophile alike, and I agree.